How to Treat Dandruff in Dogs

As with humans, dandruff can become one of the most frequent conditions of our dogs’ hair. And, as it happens to us, the dandruff generates an itch and a series of annoyances that will take to him to scratch continuously, being able to finish by irritating the skin. But not only that, but the dander of dogs is one of the main allergens and some are like invisible fence, so if we have asthma or we are allergic to different substances, we can affect. Although removing it is not easy, here is a series of measures to treat dandruff in your dog in case it appears:

– Bathe it frequently: Doing so will help both regulate dandruff production and prevent hair loss from the dog. It is best to use a baby shampoo to avoid irritating your pet’s skin, although if it is enough you can consult your veterinarian for the most suitable product, but never use anti-dandruff shampoos for humans, because they contain very strong ingredients. Bathe it with warm water, rinse thoroughly all hair and dry as much as possible.

– Brush regularly: Do it outdoors, to remove excess dandruff, while taking care that the brushing is not too energetic, because in that case you will achieve the opposite effect.

– Add oil to your diet: A small amount will help you fight dandruff, as well as benefit you if you are constipated. Make sure your food has the necessary daily supply of vitamins and minerals and consult your veterinarian about those foods that may exacerbate the appearance of dandruff in your pet. If necessary, you will have to make a change in your diet

Is your iPhone 7 making noise You are not the only one who suffers

Have you been among the first to buy an Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Do you seem to have heard some noises, like a sharp whistle, when you use applications that force the processor? Well, you’re not alone because there are more people among the first buyers of the new iPhone who are complaining about this: their next generation Apple phones make noises when the processor works hard .


Luckily, the cell phone is still functioning normally, but having a cell phone that makes noises is not very reassuring to keep in your hand or pocket. In fact, that the mobile make this type of noise does not let you remember the recent nightmare of the Samsung Note 7 melting or burning because of their batteries …

The iPhone 7 makes noise: an isolated problem?

It is not so rare, in fact there have been many laptops in which there have been noises of processor (to the point that manufacturers call it “processor hiss”) that in some cases remain there due to internal resonance issues of chips and Motherboard (this is easier for notebook and mobile boards with soldered components), and in others they are solved by applying new BIOSes that prevent the processor from working at the frequencies at which it is produced (which may limit its performance in Some cases and there are users who avoid it). But as anyone who has read our tests of the Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus knows the units that let us to test did not have that problem. And since only some users have complained about this, it does not seem to be a general problem, but it will affect only certain units of both devices. Surely Apple will soon find the serial numbers of the affected units and tracing their manufacture will know why those have this problem like .

IPhone 7 Plus: test thoroughly

AppleCare has been responding to complaints from affected customers by recommending them to go to their Apple Store to have their phones changed, which also suggests that it is a manufacturing failure. The downside is that with the current demand for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it may not be easy to find an Apple Store with units to replace your “noisy” mobile.In any case, if you are the one that has that problem on your iPhone, you’d better tell Apple as soon as possible to be able to change it … Lest there be anything else that can go wrong and end up passing something undesirable to your shiny mobile.

What Should He Do to Strengthen His immune System?

Dermaslim Aesthetic and Beauty Center Dietician Elif Yildiz said, “Our medicines come from the nature, they are natural foods, come from vegetables and fruits, from the water we drink, from the yogurt we eat, and if we use the right food in the correct amount and quantity, our immune system will be strong. “If we leave this system powerless, we will not be able to fight microbes and the diseases will come along with it, but it is important to note that stress is also one of the most important factors that suppress the immune system,” he said.

“Plenty of water for”

Dietitian Elif Yıldız explained the ways of strengthening the immune system as follows:

“Drink plenty of water at least 8-10 glasses a day to protect your immune system against diseases Do not forget to look at the content of the water you drink Take care that the Ministry of Health has gone through the research for two wonderful vegetable immune systems. Of course, we use onions and garlic for our meals, but our raw onions or yoghurt provide raw vegetables to make better use of these two vegetables. ”

What Should He Do to Strengthen His immune System?

“Eat vegetables in season”

“You can eat carrot or parsley in the middle of winter instead of tomato cucumber in the middle of winter.You can make a salad instead of cooking a spinach with vitamins.When you eat broccoli and cauliflower for a minute instead of boiling it for a minute you will be cooked healthily.Your half- Yoghurt with garlic is a good alternate, you will have consumed both garlic, vegetable and yoghurt. ” He spoke

“Take a trip with fruit instead of travelling with drugs”

Dietitian Elif Yildiz “Instead of travelling with medicine bags, you can eat fruits containing plenty of vitamin C such as kiwi, mandarin, pomegranate, orange, Trabzon, etc. However, when you consume fruit, you should eat your fruit without waiting. The other important point is to consume itself from the juice of the fruit, and the fruit pulp is also important for us. ” said.

2 bowls of yoghurt per day

Yoğurdun is a food rich in probiotic Yıldız expressed his words:

“2 cups of yoghurt a day supports both my immunity and long-lasting, but the proposal is to consume the house yoghurt.” Turmeric is a proven spice that has been recently investigated and proven to have health effects, especially in the treatment of cancer and in the treatment of cancer. It is very important in terms of getting cancer. ”

“Taste your meals with turmeric”

Dietitian Yildiz says, “Put 1 teaspoon turmeric close to your meals, ginger is a spice that protects against diseases, helps to expel toxins, consumes fish 2 days a week, omega 3 in fish is one of the most important oils that strengthens the immune system. If you use blood thinners, consult your doctor. ” Found in the description.

“Protein strengthens immunity”

“Protein intake strengthens the immune system, but I would like to emphasize that you have to consume chicken eggs, ie natural eggs, which you can travel in. If you find it natural, you can spend 3-4 days a week.” said.

Vitamin and minerals storage: Kinoa

Elif Yildiz, “Your cakes will support your 1 cup kinoa immunity Catechin is the active ingredient of green tea According to a research done on the synergistic effects of catechin and catechin in cancer cells these two foods are preventing the growth of cancer cells. Both foods are very important, so we should take care to consume green tea to support our immunity, consult your doctor if you have thyroid disease, stay away from the restaurant or find ways to cope with stress. “

Diabetics Can Eat White Bread Now

By using a product developed by a company in Konya by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), special flour was produced which can be consumed by obesity, sugar and heart patients.

A company that works on almost all kinds of cereals, especially corn, wheat, barley and soy, and produces functional foods that protect human health since 1964 in the city, 3.5 years ago, “What can we do for sugar, obesity and heart disease?” He acted with thought. In the same period, TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center started a project on the development of a product for which the European Food Safety Authority determined the criteria after clinical trials.
Diabetics Can Eat White Bread Now
Following the work that brought together the company and TÜBİTAK on the same purpose, Turkish engineers produced white flour sugar, heart diseases and obesity-triggering properties that are used in everyday life to a minimum and special flour was produced. The product to be marketed in 2017 will be available from pharmacies on the internet in the first place and from the markets in the next period.

TUBITAK Marmara Research Center Food Institute Deputy Director Incinur Hasbay told AA correspondent that they had entered into a serious research process as TUBITAK for obesity, heart and diabetes mellitus, which was among the diseases of the ages, 3.5 years ago.

Speaking of the benefits of the product they have developed, Hasbay continued:

“This functional product will help combat obesity, heart and diabetes by reducing the energy and glycemic index of foods, and the ability of the product to digest in the large intestine will result in dietary fiber properties in terms of health effects in the areas of use and can be fermented more easily in the large intestine than in dietary fiber Besides its probiotic properties, this product will also be beneficial in terms of bowel health, especially prevention of colon cancer, because it produces energy in the body and by increasing the rate of mitochondria in the cell, buttreate, which prevents weight gain, and short-chain fatty acids in abundance.

“Diabetics can eat white bread”
Nurettin Demirpolat, the chairman of the board of directors, stated that Turkey is making great progress in the food sector as it is in every other area.

“What can we do about the prevention of obesity, sugar, heart and intestinal diseases that often come to our minds as diseases of the last 50 years?” Demirpolat emphasizes that they think they want to do something in this direction and they said:

“We have talked with experts of the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center which has done serious work on this area and we have produced a product that will enable the patients with obesity, heart and diabetes to feed easily.The information pollution for the treatment of heart, sugar and obesity diseases in the market Many products that are not based on scientific research and are not based on scientific research are offered as a product, but we have delivered ourselves to TÜBİTAK, the most competent authority in Turkey, to produce the native product developed by Anatolian scientists. Sugar, obesity and heart disease can comfortably eat white bread, which helps protect the intestinal flora through its probiotic properties, which will help prevent many diseases leading to colon cancer. ” AA

Is Snow Eating Harmful to Your Health?

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Department of Meteorology Engineering Professor Dr. Prof. stated that the polluters originating from the industry are now polluting the snow all over the world because of the wandering around the world, saying “I no longer live in the village, clean our air. said.

In his statement, Kadıoğlu stated that those who live in Anatolia should mix the snow with molasses or honey and leave the days when the winter season is set for food.

Kadıoğlu pointed out that people have little knowledge about snow despite romantic emotions, but that the polluting particles originating from the air in the air circulate the whole world.

Is Snow Eating Harmful to Your Health?

Kadioglu emphasises that no one should say “I am living in the village, my air is clean”, “Now the snow is sticking to all the pollutants in the air and it gets polluted everywhere.Its snow crystals infected with all kinds of pollutants and heavy metals invite many diseases. Do not eat. ” He spoke.

Miktad Kadioglu expressed that the mean rate of snowfall falls to about 800 meters per hour, making it more like people moving in cramped traffic.

Kadıoğlu stated that meteorology can give snow forecasts that specify source, location, time, quantity, altitude and probability Kadioglu also noted that local administrations should update their snow-fighting plans and look for ways to do this effectively and in the least harmful way around.

Prof. Dr Kadioglu warned the drivers because of the snowfall that affected Turkey, he said:

“Do not forget that your car may be both friendly and hostile, and you will find in your cars a spare tire, a jack, a towline, a first aid kit, a chain, a blanket, winter clothing, a torch, Toilet paper should be available Pre-charge your mobile phone, use hats and gloves but thinly worn. “