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Is your iPhone 7 making noise You are not the only one who suffers

Have you been among the first to buy an Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Do you seem to have heard some noises, like a sharp whistle, when you use applications that force the processor? Well, you’re not alone because there are more people among the first buyers of the new iPhone who are complaining about this: their next generation Apple phones make noises when the processor works hard .


Luckily, the cell phone is still functioning normally, but having a cell phone that makes noises is not very reassuring to keep in your hand or pocket. In fact, that the mobile make this type of noise does not let you remember the recent nightmare of the Samsung Note 7 melting or burning because of their batteries …

The iPhone 7 makes noise: an isolated problem?

It is not so rare, in fact there have been many laptops in which there have been noises of processor (to the point that manufacturers call it “processor hiss”) that in some cases remain there due to internal resonance issues of chips and Motherboard (this is easier for notebook and mobile boards with soldered components), and in others they are solved by applying new BIOSes that prevent the processor from working at the frequencies at which it is produced (which may limit its performance in Some cases and there are users who avoid it). But as anyone who has read our tests of the Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus knows the units that let us to test did not have that problem. And since only some users have complained about this, it does not seem to be a general problem, but it will affect only certain units of both devices. Surely Apple will soon find the serial numbers of the affected units and tracing their manufacture will know why those have this problem likeĀ .

IPhone 7 Plus: test thoroughly

AppleCare has been responding to complaints from affected customers by recommending them to go to their Apple Store to have their phones changed, which also suggests that it is a manufacturing failure. The downside is that with the current demand for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it may not be easy to find an Apple Store with units to replace your “noisy” mobile.In any case, if you are the one that has that problem on your iPhone, you’d better tell Apple as soon as possible to be able to change it … Lest there be anything else that can go wrong and end up passing something undesirable to your shiny mobile.