Is Snow Eating Harmful to Your Health?

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Department of Meteorology Engineering Professor Dr. Prof. stated that the polluters originating from the industry are now polluting the snow all over the world because of the wandering around the world, saying “I no longer live in the village, clean our air. said.

In his statement, Kadıoğlu stated that those who live in Anatolia should mix the snow with molasses or honey and leave the days when the winter season is set for food.

Kadıoğlu pointed out that people have little knowledge about snow despite romantic emotions, but that the polluting particles originating from the air in the air circulate the whole world.

Is Snow Eating Harmful to Your Health?

Kadioglu emphasises that no one should say “I am living in the village, my air is clean”, “Now the snow is sticking to all the pollutants in the air and it gets polluted everywhere.Its snow crystals infected with all kinds of pollutants and heavy metals invite many diseases. Do not eat. ” He spoke.

Miktad Kadioglu expressed that the mean rate of snowfall falls to about 800 meters per hour, making it more like people moving in cramped traffic.

Kadıoğlu stated that meteorology can give snow forecasts that specify source, location, time, quantity, altitude and probability Kadioglu also noted that local administrations should update their snow-fighting plans and look for ways to do this effectively and in the least harmful way around.

Prof. Dr Kadioglu warned the drivers because of the snowfall that affected Turkey, he said:

“Do not forget that your car may be both friendly and hostile, and you will find in your cars a spare tire, a jack, a towline, a first aid kit, a chain, a blanket, winter clothing, a torch, Toilet paper should be available Pre-charge your mobile phone, use hats and gloves but thinly worn. “

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